I am a retired architect. I have my own house. I have also been an art
 dealer in my past and have an interesting collection of New Zealand art
 that I have acquired over the years. Needless to say I am rather
 passionate about the visual arts.

I am told that I appear much younger in looks and and attitude which
 is good for the ego, but it doesn't go to my head. I am also described
 as a really nice guy. And I think generally I am. I have a positive
 outlook on life and long ago dealt to any baggage I may have had.
So you could say that I am comfortable with myself. I am thoughtful,
 honest and open and expect the same from others. I have a generous
 nature and I am caring and compassionate and have a real need to care.

Lived in Fiji for 8 years which had a profound effect on my life and values.
I came to value the richness and diversity of other cultures.

I think young. So I can act outrageously at times. But I need my quiet
and more reflective times too. I keep exploring new ideas and new technology.

Music: Jazz, blues, rock principally. A rather eclectic collection.

Food: Will eat just about anything and I love dining out with great company.
 I eat healthily but can indulge occasionally!

Drink: Wine is bit of a passion. Love vineyards! Spent a week in Hawkes
Bay over one Easter doing the vineyards.

Travel: More please. Love getting out of Auckland even if it is to Matakana
for the day, Hawkes Basy for Easter or anywhere in the world. Would rather
 stay in a backpackers and meet people from all over the world than book
 into yet another annonymous hotel. Places I would like to visit are South
America, North Africa, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy etc. Asia
is not that important.

Exploring: I like discovering new things and having new experiences.

Friends: Enjoy sharing ideas and conversing and joking with friends. Must
have a quick wit, a great sense of humour including a sense of the ridiculous
and black humour when appropriate and not offensive. Humour is what gets
us through the hard times.

Sport: My active participation was working out at the gym 3 days a week
but now it is walking, walking & Tai Chi. Enjoy watching rugby tests on TV

Non Sporting: Reading, movies, watching a couple of good movies on DVDs,
board games, mah jong, talking and expanding my base of friends.

Kids: And yes I do have 4 kids but they are all adults now with their own
families. So I have no dependents. I do hope that anybody I meet will get
on with my kids and vice versa. Kids and you I hope would like each other.
Having said that my girls try me badly but that is not the way I want it.
My family is quite important to me.

Animals: I love cats

Favourite Quotations: "Carpe Diem"and "Nils Carborundum Illigitimi"