By BigDaddi

       He was born in a laboratory in Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona. The professor was doing experiments on cats. His mother was a tabby and his father was not known. Since he was the runt of the litter his mother rejected him and would not feed him. My daughters were working in the lab and asked for the cat. They nursed it and when school closed for midseason they brought him to our house.

       We had a cat already by the name of tiger. When buddy came in tiger got very jealous, ran down the basement and stayed there for 2 days. After the 2 days he came up and accepted buddy and started to teach him how to behave as a cat. After he was neutered he and tiger became good friends and he was really tigers buddy.

       They say cats have a personality. Well these 2 cats were completely opposite. Tiger was Joe cool, while buddy was just the opposite. Buddy was a fetch cat. He loved to chase bottle caps. I would throw it and he would run and pick it up in his teeth, bring it back to me and drop it at my feet ready for me to throw again. He also did the same thing to any mice he caught. He would throw them in the air, chase after them and if he caught them throw them up again. As far as I know he never killed any thing.

       When it was warm he would sit on our porch and sing to the birds. At least I called it singing. He would make a singsong noise to them. He also liked to sleep on our gerbilís cage. He did this until 1 day the gerbil grabbed hold of his whiskers. Trying to get away he upset the cage spilling its contents on the floor. Luckily my daughter who was with me caught the gerbil and we restored everything. One other thing he would do is jump on my lap put his head in the crook of my arm and sleep for about 20 minutes or so.

       He lived with us for almost 16 years until he developed pulmonary edema. Since he loved sleeping with us it was pitiful to see him trying to breathe. That morning early we took him to an animal hospital. They vet that examined him said his lungs were filling with fluid. He also said that he could drain the lungs which would give him maybe 6 months more to live. After consideration we decided to end his life with dignity so we gave the order to put him down. 

Now the big brave head of the house ran out of the room and left it to my wife to stay with him. I stayed out in the hall crying.  When it was over we decided to have him cremated and we have his ashes in a little urn in our dining room. Sometimes when I sit at my computer I feel something brushing my leg. When I look down there is nothing there the other cats are somewhere else so I know that it is buddy telling me that he is still here.