It started off very innocently. My wife and I were taking a shower together and feeling frisky had sex in the shower. Now we knew that you canít get pregnant doing it while standing up. Well we were wrong because she got pregnant with our third child which we were not planning on.

       Now although we did not know it at the time (this was in 62 and she was not diagnosed until 82) she could not carry to full term because of weak muscles. 7 months later while I was sleeping I was awakened by her telling me that her bag of waters broke. I immediately got up, got dressed and called my parents to stay with my other children while I took my wife to the hospital.

       Now I was living in upper Broadway and the hospital was in Manhattan on the east side. When my parents got there my wife and I went down to my car and started off. She had told me that her pains were coming 8 minutes apart so I drove carefully down Broadway and got on the highway. I was still being careful because it was raining when she told me she made a mistake and the pains were coming at 4 minute intervals because some of the pains were light.

       Upon hearing that I threw caution to the winds, put the pedal to the metal and ran up the car to around 80MPH in a rainstorm. When I got to the exit she told me she was getting bearing down pains. Now I panicked and after I got off the highway went up a 1 Way Street the wrong way got on a 1 way avenue going downtown and ran every light whether red or green praying for a cop car. Luckily the rain had stopped and when I reached the street the hospital was on I turned into the street and pulled in front of the hospital. The guard opened my wifeís door took 1 look and called for a wheelchair. After she was moved inside he told me to park the car and come back in.

       When I got back and went to the nursery I was told that my daughter was born already and they showed her to me before they cleaned her off. Needless to say that put an end to our having children and I can report that all have grown and have given me grandchildren.