I am 73 years old going on 74 in May. I have 3 children (all girls) and 3 grandchildren 2 boys and 1 girl. I am married and my wife is 72 going on  73 We both go ice skating in the winter and roller blading in the summer. I like fishing while she goes beach combing. I also go bowling twice a week and my hobbies are stamp collecting, photography and model railroading. I have been married since 1957.




Holiday Wish
Spirit of Love




Holiday Wish - by Lillian

The lights are shining in my
Mind, I see the stars beyond and
a Sea of Brilliant Colors that lies
In wait of Holiday Sprits across the land
They are the Hearts of Many Ringing
In My Ears, a Song of Hope and
Tears, if only I could bring
The Hope in my Heart, offer my Hand
Touching those who despair, extending
a Warmth of Cheer and Understanding,
It is a Season of Giving and Granting.




The Spirit of Love
by Lillian M. Fischer 

How can man satisfy his appetite
For fulfillment? - to chase a dream, fight
For the cause of humanity, to reach a pnnnacle beyond his sight,
Can the spirit of man soar like the comet's light?
There are ghastly ghosts that hide their head
Among the hosts of secrets buried in dread
Of fierce visions.  ugly scars, the unleashed part
Sucking in vengence the blood within the heart
Of man inside his breathing breast,
Can man survive these things - do his best
To even take on the goal to make another life, a better one
So his kin will not fall victim to brutality of evil done,
Man's spirit stays alive and nothing can rend him from his goal
As long as love sustains the deep humanity of his soul,
In the kingdom of his spirit where love does prevail
He can open his eyes to beauty and he can unveil
Secrets to create paintings, music, song,
and with words verbal pictures of the world's view belong,
All the surrounding beauty he can uncover
Like the sea's tide goes his spirit flows ever to discover
No matter how strong or like mountains tall,
No matter how helpless, an infant's need, a seed so small
From which all life proceeds,
with love man's spirit speeds!





He was a farm boy from the Midwest
His life with his wife and kids was hard.
He tried to make a good life,
And to help with the money he joined the Guard.

He liked to go to the meetings,
And the extra money sure made ends,
And once a year for two weeks
He went to camp with his friends.
All of a sudden out of the blue
There came an awful flack.
It said they were alerted,
And were going to go to Iraq.
He told his wife it was only six months,
And then he would come back.
So with light hearts and much banter
They boarded a transport for Iraq.
After six months in the country
War weary they were ready to come back,
Another set of orders came down
Spend another six months in Iraq.
It was in the tenth month of his service
That the unthinkable happened to be.
A roadside bomb planted by Al Qada
Blew apart his armored humvee.
The found him on the side if the road.
He was a terrible sight.
They rushed him to a field hospital
But he didn’t survive the night.
Now his wife was alone with little money
And the children wouldn’t behave.
The bank foreclosed on the farm
And all she had left was his grave.

Does she ask herself was it worth it?
If our government has its way.
We send our best from our country
And put them in harms way.




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Here are some photos of my son-in-law and my grandchildren.
They're part Indian and take part in the indian ceremonies.
This shows them in costume during a harvest festival.