Barry's Bio

I am english 67 years old b/day 14th March 1938 I am retired but am active as a local councillor (political) for our american friends.

I have 5 grand children 2 step g/children and 3 great grand kids plus of course my own three kids a son 43 daughter 38 daughter 34.

I have been a councillor for 22 years.


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Recent Photo of Me


My Oldest Daughter Kim and Her Family


My Grandson Simon - Age 16 - Prom


My Granddaughter Victoria - Age 13


Victory in europe street party I am the kid in the front of the E with
silver buttons on my coat


A pic of HMS Victory in Pompey Dockyard where I live





My Grandson Simon and His Girlfriend Brittany


My Granddaughter Katie and GreatGrandson Danny



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