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My hobbies...hmmmmmmmmmm,well,I love kids.I'm a foster parent to six right now.We have nine all the time as we adopted three girls that are wonderful.I have raised four sons that are married with kids.That gives me 7 grandkids so far! Of course I spoil them! Isn't that what they are for?
 I collect post cards with any kind of bridge on them.At times I do some quilting and love to cook. 
Sunshine makes me happy as I love being outside. The ocean is included in every vacation so far, as I spent a lot of time on the beach as a kid. I grew up in Los Angeles but came to live in Missouri at 19. What a culture shock! I thought I stepped back in time.It took me years to get over the wide open space here and taking forever just to get to a mall! Can you imagine the trama?
 I have always enjoyed swaping stories with new friends and hearing about things they've done.
 At times I do write some poetry.Someday, I'd like to publish a story about what happened while my mother was sick with cancer. I feel the public should be aware so it doesn't happen to someone else.
 Oh, I forgot the best part. I am married to a wonderful man. He is a lot like Tim the Tool man...ha-ha.Most times his stuff he makes works like a charm...but I have to tell you there have been times...

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Where has Summer Gone
by Abuelita ©

Where Has Summer Gone

 To sleep now with golden tones,

 Falling softly,to the ground.

 A rich carpet stretching forth

 For Winter to walk down.

 Tumbling, tossing on the wind.

 Winter whispers once again.

 A frosty glaze envelopes all,

 The air crisp with winter's call.

 Sifting,glimmering,tiny flakes,

 Lay upon the bed it makes.

 Covering gently, then all is still,

 Awaiting Spring to fullfill,

 A bright array of new victory,

Dancing, tossing for all to see.